Grappa Marcella 1982 50°

Iš pradžių galvojome, kad šios grapos aprašymą paskelbsime lietuvių kalba. Bet vėliau nusprendėme, kad autentiškas pačio gamintojo laiškas bus daug įdomesnis. Taigi…:

“Hi Paulius

When my sister Marcella was born in July 1982 my grandmother Susanna Gualco decided to put in a barrel some very good grappa that she distilled in 1981 campaign, and she left it in the ageing cellar as a present for my sister. My grandmother led the distillery forward for more than 35 years and when she died she bequeathed the company to me and my sister.

On July 2012 when my sister became 30 years old she decided to bottle all the grappa that was in the barrel.

In 1982 the grappa was around 200 liters, probably between 58 and 60 % alcohol by volume. In 2012 when we bottle this grappa, only 96 liters were still in the barrel and during thirty years it lost around 8 , 10 degrees of alcohol. In Scotland they call it “ Angel Share “ . It’s the micro oxygenation effect of the air going through the porosity of the wood.”

“It’s probably a blend of Grappa di Dolcetto and Barbera but my grandmother just told us red vinaccia 100 % from Piemonte.”

“This could be only a legend, but as you see in the certificate from the Italian Customs that I attached to this e-mail we introduced the grappa in the ageing warehouse in 20/07/1982 and we took it out in 02/08/2012. This paper certify that the barrel has been sealed by the Government in the ageing cellar for 30 years. The customs officials were also watching us when we bottled all the 192 bottles of this grappa. I suggest you to keep it at home. Open it in a good occasion. It’s wonderful.

Take care


500 ml. Pagaminta distilerijoje Gualco. Italija.